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What is Banshee Moon you ask? That is a question you may ask if you have not discovered us in international news lately. Banshee Moon was the brain child of Exoman (Farmer) on Youtube. Who is Exoman you ask? I know, it already sounds crazy, right? EXOMAN is a youtube personality. He dedicated the Banshee Moon channel to his wife who he loves to make videos of and share with the world!

We highly reccomend that you go to our main Youtube channel page here and peruse our videos to get an idea of who we are. Below is an interview with Farm Girl that gives some insight.

Farm Girl visits exotic locations like the gorges around Ithaca, the old French Quarter of New Orleans, cruise ships, Bahamas and more. She also loves to try on and buy new bikinis as we follow her shopping from from Target to Victoria's Secret and so on.

Farm Girl likes to shoot guns like the worlds largest production handgun; the Smith & Wesson .500 .50 caliber, the Bushmaster AR15, the Yugoslavian SKS, her Glock, and other hand guns and shot guns. She even shoots some binary explosive targets from time to time.

Whether you're into physical fitness or not, it's definately etertaining and worth watching Farm Girl as she does some excersise videos in which she casually demonstrates how she works out doing sit-ups, pull-ups, lunges, burpees, jogging, kettlebells and more to stay in shape.