Who is this Farm Girl chick anyway? What's her story?

Farm Girl AKA Jennifer is an amazing and spirited individual. She is a mother of two adult children who lives on a small farm in Southeastern North Carolina. She holds a Business Degree from Tulane University inNew Orleans where she graduated in the early 80's

Jennifer has always been enthusiastic about fitness and proper diet. She believes that people are simply taught poor habits in thier childhood and they don't or can't even understand or imagine how drastically thier lives would change for the better if they simply would awaken to the fact thet we make the choice with every mouthful of food or sip of liquid, whether we are killing or nourishing our bodies... ie soda =death, water=life... processed, sugary foods+=death- fresh organic meat and vegitables =life. She knows that if most people with terrible habits implemented a different approach to activity and nutrition they could literally save thier own lives!

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