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Farm Girl Jen started out in her late 40’s as an award-winning, bikini clad Youtube Star publishing videos about her everyday life. She quickly became something of an internet phenomenon, generating news articles around the world. After becoming very successful with her artist/photographer husband, Exoman on the platform,  she decided  ultimately to establish her own website, and here you are!!! Thank you for being here and for all of your encouragement and support!

Something different

Farm Girl quickly realized that on YouTube she had found a huge audience of spectators who love watching and hearing a lively, friendly and sexy woman who is comfortable in her own skin and showing plenty of it without being tacky or pornographic. A more sophisticated audience had found a home but it was not okay with the platform. From there she gravitated to Only Fans and even though her content is more reserved, she quickly rose to the ranks of the top of the top one percent in the world on that platform. So successful was her work there that she paid the platform over $40,000 in fees in her first 8 months and paid the government another $75,000!!! One must ask, why so successful with artistic stuff and innocent vibe?! What is so different about this person!!?? Find out for yourself!

An evolution

When you do something you love, it takes on a life of its own. Farm Girl generated literally over a  thousand  YEARS of watch time on YouTube!!! She was generously rewarded as the advertisers were flocking in.  The audience wanted to see more and YouTube wanted to see much less. The platform started removing her bikini thumbnails and replacing them with random screen grabs, labeling cute innocuous videos “adults only” and other nasty tactics…like we were back it the Puritan era. Necessity is the mother of invention however, and this site was born of the ashes and you can support and enjoy this movement by signing up today!  

The Youtube Channel Introduction

This was the kind of fun stuff that started it all. Farm Girl doing tasks and stunts on the farm, just having fun on the boat or at the beach, giving how-to demos, playing with the various animals, working with charities and much more. By the time the Youtube channel was demonetized, the account had over ONE-THOUSAND-YEARS of watch time and Youtube had made hundreds of thousands of dollars from advertising on Banshee Moon videos!!!!!
Farm Girl Jen
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This is still somewhat new to us and there have been challenges getting things working, we will learn as we go. Content was a little slow to show up at first but we are moving at a good pace now. If you are signing up at this early stage we assume you are mostly wanting to lend your support. Please consider your involvement carefully and don’t spend more than you are comfortable. Maybe start with the basic level and go from there. Please be patient while we do our best to make this a fun, robust site for your enjoyment. We have successfully posted some photo sets and we’re building steam! Yay!


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Frequently asked questions

It is best to read the “About ” page to get a little background on Farm Girl and the Banshee Moon experience.

There is so much nudity on the internet. Farm Girl is creating content that would be considered “implied” nudity. She truly is one-of-a-kind and will likely be remembered as such. She is loved for the sophisticated way that she dances on that fine line between elegant pageantry and heart thumping erotica. She has carved her niche in between the worlds of burlesque and fine art. If you are looking for the run-of-the-mill in your face imagery, this is the wrong place. This is simply not porn, while she does not judge others and what they do, this is something uncommon, something more lasting, she reaches to fulfill and inspire in a more meaningful way.

No, she has never violated any of her core principles and has never sought to be offensive in any way. Besides , she is much more, including, Tulane Business School grad, business owner, mother, grandmother and much more. She has a wonderful and fulfilling life and enjoys a true sense of freedom and fearlessness that is known by few and has inspired millions of people all over the world.

Jennifer lived for years on a small farm with her chickens, goats, pigs and emus. She has been dedicated to health and fitness since high-school age, working-out daily for forty years. Her best friend- (Exoman)  asked her to work out with his tractor weights and filmed the event. After posting it on Youtube and getting thousands of views, the couple realized that people wanted to see and learn much more about this radiant person. Her husband, a commissioned portrait and graphic artist began lovingly depicting her. There and then the “Farm Girl’ persona and a very unlikely mature modeling career was born! 

It is foolish and unrewarding to spend time arguing with people who are regular consumers of gossip. All we can tell you is that Farm Girl was born and remains a female human born, in the summer of ’66. She has no illusions of immortality knowing that if she stays on the planet for another 4 decades, she will be in her 90’s. She is fully enjoying this chapter of her life while it lasts and will embrace and accept what is left after that.

Please check back often, we are working hard to get things going here! For now you can visit

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