I am Farm Girl from the Banshee Moon channel. As a visual entertainer, I am creating this page to entertain and interact with my wonderful fans who wish to be supportive of what I do. The content that I create is set apart from what is ordinary. The internet is full of “over-the-top” material. What you will find here is beautiful imagery that I have become known for (photos and video) but nothing vulgar. My images and videos are inspired by and created in the spirit of the great pin-up artists like Vargas. The material is said to be reminiscent of the era of model/entertainers like Betty Page and Norma Jean. This is just a place where I can feel free to post more Risqué content that Youtube does not tolerate. In fact I have had such a terrible time with Youtube constantly demonetizing my channel and deleting content that is perfectly family friendly that this is the reason I was pushed to finally create my own place. I will do my best to have this page built to your satisfaction very soon so I hope you will check back often!