Daughter Destyn Celebrates 30th

We could not believe it when this day came and we stood with our little girl next to a giant “30” balloon that her friends had bought her for her birthday celebration. It is truly amazing how quickly time passes. We are reminded that we must take care of our bodies, minds, and souls as age slips upon us. Let us walk more, drink less alcohol and more good water, eat a little better, fast more frequently. Yes, we will all leave this earth but we can do so less dramatically like my sweet grandmother who lived to a good age and slumped over as if she was napping. We send you our loving thoughts of health and wellness and joy. Happy Birthday Destyn!
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Rober Whitehead
Rober Whitehead
1 month ago

Love watching you guys. You all are, as my Dad would say, just good people. That is high praise.

Joey Johnson
Joey Johnson
1 month ago

Two beautiful women..and you guys seem to be good people…

Neal Long
Neal Long
25 days ago

Tell Destyn Happy Birthday. Also tell her great photo bomb when exoman was changing out the water pump on your pontoon.https://youtu.be/V0O0nzkESTI

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