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Important Notice~ for purchases and cancelations

NOTICE! I am traveling and will be filming and hopefully making fun sets on the road for the three weeks. Some people who purchase sets have trouble getting re-directed. I think this is happening with some cell phones, I strongly urge everyone to use a computer whenever possible as this works best. If there is any problem, please send the Paypal transaction ID and I will send your link personally. Your patience is most appreciated!

Subscription cancelations- I suspect this is the same thing. I know that people come and go on all platforms and I see that some cancel their subscriptions here without any issues while others have had problems canceling. Please whenever possible, try to do this from a PC rather than a phone. If anyone has more knowledge of this glitch and a possible solution, please share your info here.

Again, thank you as always for your patience and continued support of my creations! Much love, Farm Girl Jen!

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David McNaughton
David McNaughton
11 months ago

Hi Jen!
Can you see.if my membership is up to date? Also purchased another set.of pics. Would you please check on status.

I appreciate you Sweetie!