New Flame Thrower Toy

Ok, really it’s more like a  torch! I wanted to make sure that you all see the video. This thing is awesome and has to many uses to mention. We also have a link that the manufacturer set up for us for our followers who may wan to get one here:

Video on Rumble...

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Breck Cassidy
10 months ago

You do know that none of us are looking at the steak, right?!?

Tim Jordan
Tim Jordan
8 months ago

I have cancelled my membership four times and they continue to bill my credit card. Hmmm.

Joey Johnson
Joey Johnson
8 months ago

Mercy…no….steaks are the last thing I looked at…beautiful woman….love the outfit….perky

Scott Bittner
Scott Bittner
4 months ago

Hello beautiful Banshee. Thank you for sharing your wonderful lifestyle. So inspiring to see and feel.

Scott Bittner
Scott Bittner
4 months ago
Reply to  admin

You are so welcome have a great day today 🌄

Stephen King melvin
2 months ago

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