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Recent post “Electric Candy”

Ok, thank you to those of you who jumped right in. I wasn’t sure if a lot of you had seen this yet on Patreon. This time I made an error on the link itself but quickly got it straightened out. If you had a problem leave a comment with the purchase info so I can straighten it out. Thank you all so much!!!!!

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David Friedel
1 year ago

I found the pic using the back button

Last edited 1 year ago by David Friedel
1 year ago

I am seriously thinking about joining the patrons club

1 year ago

i have been in ALL 50 STATES and 38 foreign countries and been on more public beaches and seen far more skin revealed skin than anything i have ever seen on this channel or any channel that Jen or exoman are producing and if your attitude does not change i will be your worst nightmare you have far more agreegiest videos on your platform. farmgirl and exoman are far more family oriented than many of the other posts

1 year ago

i’m silver member but i’ve problems in entering any post in this site. can you help me: i paid 20$ for nothing…