“Sheer Piece” July 2021, All~ set of 30+ pics

“Sheer Piece”-  July 2021

Over 30 Pictures!

This is said by some to be one of my more daring sets 🙂

I am sending you much love and gratitude!

NOTICE! I am traveling and will be filming and hopefully making fun sets on the road for the three weeks. Some people who purchase sets have trouble getting redirected. I think this is happening with some cell phones, I strongly urge everyone to use a computer whenever possible as this works best. If there is any problem, please send the Paypal transaction ID and I will send your link personally. Your patience is most appreciated! 

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Neal Long
Neal Long
11 months ago

Gorgeous my dear. And be safe and have a great trip.

Neal Long
Neal Long
11 months ago

Jen I use my computer to sign into your site. I don’t use my cell at all. Thank you dear. Y’all drive safe,be safe. I seen yours and Exoman’s you tube vid. I think if I’m not mistaken that Exoman mentioned that you are going thru Kansas City. Wonder if you are going around Dodge City. If you are could you get some photos of Dodge City. Especially of Marshall Dillon’s museum. Anyway Peace Love and Kindness. And be safe. Neal

Nelson Thomas
Nelson Thomas
11 months ago

Stay safe on your travels. Thank you for sharing as you are on the move. This is a wonderful set and you look gorgeous as always. Enough transparency to make this very interesting without being explicit. All the best to you and Exoman. Looking forward to more from y’all.

6 months ago

I’m trying to click on buy this set now not working with me 🙁

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